En's style that fits the body well is created by a pattern maker who knows the structure of the body, based on human studies, so it is easy to move and shows the body line beautifully even with a minimum of room.
In designing, we always keep in mind to make the best use of Kasuri's original goodness, and we always send out designs that are conscious of the Japanese tradition of harmony, and things that appeal to the presence of Kasuri while making you feel the fashion of clothes.
In particular, En's color scheme design is a combination of patterns and patterns created by craftsmen, or patterns and solid colors, which make the patterns and colors of each stand out.


About KasuriAbout Kasuri

Kasuri is also written as flying white. The white that is left undyed here and there in the navy blue is flying out and it is a good representation of the pattern. Hazel, it's a hazy beauty. When the dyed threads are undyed by tying them at regular intervals, the center of the tying part is left white and the ends are mixed with the dyed color and white. If you weave these threads in warp, weft, or warp and weft combinations, the undyed white area will be distorted. This part is called kasuriashi, and it can be said that kasuri weaving finds a simple beauty in the pattern in this faint part.