En’s style that which fits the body well is created by a pattern maker who knows the structure of the body, based on human studies, so it This pattern is easy to move in and shows the body line beautifully even with though there is a minimum of room.
In designing, we always keep in mind to make making the best use of Kasuri’s original goodness, and we always send out designs that are conscious of the Japanese tradition of harmony, and things that appeal to the presence of Kasuri while making you letting feel the modem fashion of clothes.
In particular, En’s color scheme design is a combination of patterns and patterns created by craftsmen, or patterns and solid colors, which make the patterns created by craftsmen. The patterns and colors of each stand out each other.

Comfortable to wear着心地の良さ

It is also highly regarded in the field of In having been making clothes from kimono rolls for 30 years. of making clothes from kimono rolls.
A gentle line that fits just right was born from the a pattern that has been improved over and over again.on for many years.
The comfort that makes use of with the characteristics of natural materials and the timeless design will lead to attachment. satisfaction.

About sewing縫製について

All sewing is reliable domestic sewing in done in Japan.
Each item is carefully sewn down to the smallest details.
The manual process by craftsmen is done under the consistent consistently managed management from cutting to sewing.

Good tailoringお仕立ての良さ

In order to allow you to wear it for a long time, we have adopted methods that are resistant to washing as much as possible.repeating washes.

  • Lock We lock the seam allowances of coats and jackets, Furthermore, it is polite to and hang the edge of the folding edge more neatly.
  • Lines with many changes are sewn down as much as possible. Therefore,Then the back face is clean. side is smooth and becomes That is the proof of longevity. Kurume Kasuri is a combination of simple texture and handwork.

圓のブランド草野 栄

[Sakae Kusano] is a brand that was born by blowing infusing a new wind idea into the traditional textiles textile that have been handed down in Kurume for a long time.
Kurume Kasuri’s unique texture and gentle texture, as well as the high-quality, texture that has been carefully woven, and creates a beautiful feminine feature.look.
The concept of incorporating the texture and comfort of the material into everyday wear is beyond the concept of traditional expensive kimono is proposed as a and offers the veluable everyday clothes value-for-money kimono for Japanese people who are away from have become distant kimono.
Together with the staff who inherit the highly sensitive designs created by designer Sakae Kusano, we are sending out adult clothing clothes with the scent of good, traditional old culture.